Pizza Hut has always been the first choice of the people who love eating pizzas since the time it was originated and now it has come up with yet another activity known as TellPizzaHut. Pizza Hut has always been one of the most sought after food chains for the people who are in love with the fast food items. Pizza has especially become a prominent part of the daily lives of the people living in the urban areas. When a person doesn’t want to make food him or herself, he or she would simply dial a number and would order food from outside. And when it comes to ordering fast food, nothing is better than having pizza and that too from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is a fast food chain that you can spot on almost all the famous places and you do not have to look around to find it.

Pizza Hut has now come up with an, even more, fun filled activity that is named as TellPizzaHut. It is basically the name of a website and all you need to do is to visit it with the help of any digital device that you have for example your mobile phone, laptop or a home computer. After logging on to the website, the next step by which you will be to enter the receipt number of the bill from the Pizza Hut. All you need to have is the previous bill of the food you ordered from the food outlet. This receipt is your ticket to winning an exciting prize worth 1000$. You will get this amount in cash and all of that just by entering a small survey and filling it up.

The survey that you do will basically be about the services you got from the food outlet that you visited most recently. After answering all the questions of the survey in an accurate manner, you will receive a code that you will have to show to any outlet of Pizza Hut placed at any place. With the showcase of the code, you will receive the money won by you just by giving answers to some simple questions.

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