Many people, including start-up youth, consider launching a mobile application. These applications are increasingly available to us on different app stores. Every year, hundreds of applications emerge. Not all qualify the criteria and the grades. In fact, many projects go by the wayside prematurely. To avoid this from happening, provides the guidance to design an efficient and… Read More

Eva Longoria - Celebrities without makeup

Celebrities without makeup can’t seem to go out in public without a photographer lurking around, taking evidence to surprise their fans on Instagram. There are days when Eva Longoria, who was named THE Sexiest Woman Alive, decides to appear without makeup. A decision that surprises her fans. Not all have been seduced by the cliché… Read More

Heaven King becomes YouTube Queen

The new YouTube sensation is a four-year-old dancer, Heaven King, also known as the “mini Beyoncé”. She became the YouTube Queen after her dancing clip became one of the most watched YouTube videos of the year, with 116 million views; announced by the US online video serviceon Wednesday. In a three-minute clip, we see Heaven… Read More