Synchrony Bank issues the Banana Republic Credit Card and the Banana Republic Visa Card. It is designed to reward those cardholders who tend to shop at Gap’s brands—Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta. Just like other store credit cards, this one also gives a chance to the customers to earn rewards usually at a higher rate as compared to the others, but that comes at a cost.

Banana Republic Credit Card – Good Rewards Program:

Banana Republic Credit Card, just like other store cards, attracts the attention of customers by offering better rewards and promotions than its competitors.

The Banana Republic Card comes in two different categories, one is a co-branded Visa card, and the other is a store-only card. Both the cards earn rewards at a 5% rate on purchases at all Gap-branded stores with an increment of $10. However, the holders of Visa card earn 1% back in rewards on all other purchases. Customers also enjoy 15% off on their first purchase upon opening an account along with receiving other special cardholder promotions, birthday offers, and opportunities for various bonuses. For example, you get 2000 bonus point when you agree to get updates via email, and 500 bonus points for choosing paperless statements.

When the total purchases made by the cardholder exceed $800 per year at Gap brand stores, they are automatically updated to the “Luxe” version of the card. This card comes with some additional benefits. Customers will get free alterations on Banana Republic purchases and invitations for special Luxe shopping events. Plus they enjoy free shipping which comes in handy for people who prefer online shopping.

To get above average, Banana Republic credit card has sister programs issued with both the Gap and Old Navy brands. So people who tend to do more shopping from these brands can choose among the two cards as both offers almost the same rewards.

Banana Republic Credit Card Login:

  1. Go to
  2. Some basic information is required to be filled. The Federal Law requires the Synchrony Bank to obtain, verify and record information that identifies whenever a person tries to open up an account. So information like name, address, date of birth, etc. is to be mentioned in the form.
  3. Optional Card security also comes up with these cards. This can be chosen while registering and making a new account.

Up to $10,000 account balance can be cancelled. So a minimum monthly payment or entire balance up to $10,000 can be cancelled if anything goes wrong. This security is usually charged $1.66 per $100 of the ending monthly balance on your account. However, remember that their certain eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions that need to be kept in mind. The Optional security can be cancelled at any time once after it has been acquired.

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