Anyone who has ever used an iPhone device knows the frustration of the rigid systems that cannot be changed. However, processes like jailbreaking allow people to make changes in how the iPhone functions and improve on it. About the iPhone The iPhone is a series of smartphone devices and products produced by the company Apple.… Read More


If anyone is a user of VLC or media players, they know the hassle of the player not updating regularly with the news files you’ve added. The only way seems to be to remove the entire folder, adding the required media files to it, and then adding it again to the phone. Not only is… Read More

Hard Drive

Is “deleting” and “wiping” your hard drive the same thing? Many of us live under the confusion that “deleting” or “formatting” all data from your hard drive is same as “wiping” your hard drive. However, this is not the case since wiping a hard drive requires a little more effort with the purpose that the… Read More

Hard Drive

Are you worried about losing your data when replacing an old hard drive? Are you concerned about data being potentially deleted when you’re upgrading to a drive with more capacity? It is inevitable to create a back up of your data in any of the mentioned case, however, these days it is now a hassle-free… Read More

Virgin Mobile

You have a Virgin Mobile Phone and it does not support multimedia messages, but someone has sent you one and you want to see it? No problem at all! You can view the multimedia message anytime you want. This service of Virgin Mobile is only for those customers who have Virgin Mobile Phones that don’t… Read More

DellConnect Program

Are you facing problems with your Dell Laptop or Computer, and you want to fix it at home? Then DellConnect Program is the solution to your problem. In this program, a computer technician will fix your laptop or computer via an online internet connection. Now you don’t have to worry about going to the repair… Read More


This generation of the modern era is pretty updated about the scientific advancements and the modern technology. From children to people of older age, everyone is well aware about the social websites and applications. The most used website nowadays is Facebook which has connected people from even remote area of the world. People these days… Read More

CompuServe Mail

The CompuServe Mail is a company that is well known as well as relied upon by everyone. However, the issue occurred when the company announced that the company is getting shut down. The company has been working for last thirty years, and it’s all of the sudden shutdown lead to a letdown for all the… Read More - Offender Connect helps in managing online accounts

If you want to have Offender Connect, then it is going to help the offender to utilize the PIN debit accounts, which eventually sets them so they can make calls from the phone account that they are actually controlling. There are funds that are placed in the Offender Connect phone account so that they can… Read More