EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

As anyone who has ever experienced data loss can tell you, the experience of trying to recover your software can be a complete nightmare. In times like that, you’ll need a software to help guide you through the potential steps for recovery, and the best tool for that is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. With… Read More


Living in the 21st century that is essentially described as the era of smart phones, tablets, laptops and technology, it can be said without a doubt that every living soul out there breathes later but knows how to touch screen the moment they come out of their mother’s womb. Although this era of technological advancements… Read More


In an era of social networking where all private to business talks, promotions, friendships, relationships, selling, buying and practically every task is accomplished via social networking, a desire to publish exquisite pictures of yourself/others or to showcase your photography skills is not just inevitable but is proving to be an online recreational activity. In such… Read More


Pokémon Go is a name that must be popping up in your Facebook newsfeed or tweets or Instagram posts every now and then although it is just a game, a mere game that has made the gaming community go all crazy. Pokémon Go is not just some ordinary Smartphone game, but it has proven to… Read More


An image editing app that was launched at the iStore a few weeks ago has revolutionized the era of picture editing by incorporating some ancient painting effect techniques and has left all Apple users in awe. It is called “Prisma” and can edit your pictures using a technique that makes your images appear to be… Read More

MiniTool Partition Wizard 9.1

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 9.1 Software has proven to be a digital life saver in a technologically revolutionized century where anything that is even remotely close to a homo sapiens, not only owns a laptop or a digital notebook but also downloads, installs, saves, deletes many documents, files, and softwares per day. In the light… Read More


The Facebook cover is not just a mere picture in fixed size over your Facebook username. It is rather a display that gives a gist of who you are as a person to the people who visit your profile. It’s the first thing that profile visitors glance at and believe it or not it has… Read More


This post was sponsored by EaseUS. Living in the 21st century, where almost everyone ends up changing their gadgets to the latest versions every now and then is not an easy feat. The biggest regret in these changeovers is the loss of data; whether they are your pictures, personalized playlists, video library or official documents,… Read More

Honest Sprint Total Equipment Protection

In today’s time and era, one thing that you love the most is your mobile phone. Wherever you go, the one thing you need to make sure is with you is your cell phone. Each and every person in this world is addicted to his/her mobile phone and cannot stay away from it for a… Read More

MetroPCS Bill Pay

Getting all kinds of medical facilities that you want has no longer stayed a difficult thing. With the help of MetroPCS pay bill service and many other such services provided by lots of organizations, this is quite an easy task to get done with. With the help of the advancement of technology, not only can… Read More