The use of smartphones may have negative consequences for your thumbs!

This is not new; smart phones can be dangerous to your health on many levels. But the waves sent by our phones are not the only culprits.  Indeed, the misuse of a Smartphone may affect your thumbs. Certainly, the opposite finger is necessary for the use of a telephone. And on social networks, more and more people are… Read More


The famous online encyclopaedia named Wikipedia has turned fifteen today, with it turning into one of the most usedand valuable knowledge domains on the entire planet.It also aspires to reach a billion users in a single calendar month by the year of 2016. Wikipedia is at present being read by four hundred million individuals within each… Read More

Fraudulent Software Malicious Web Attack

More or less than one million websites are affected by the recent fraudulent software malicious web attacks and have compromised their website addresses. This is actually the part of a sales operation of fraudulent software, reports claimed. This fraudulent software sales operations actually injected codes on websites in such a way that resulted in compromising… Read More

Eva Longoria - Celebrities without makeup

Celebrities without makeup can’t seem to go out in public without a photographer lurking around, taking evidence to surprise their fans on Instagram. There are days when Eva Longoria, who was named THE Sexiest Woman Alive, decides to appear without makeup. A decision that surprises her fans. Not all have been seduced by the cliché… Read More

KARACHI, May 15: A Pakistani group has officially joined the global movement behind Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Operating across the country, the new group has joined the ranks of more than 50 official Wikimedia affiliates around the globe and has become a voice for the Pakistani Wikipedia community in five languages. “We are delighted at… Read More