5 comments on “How To Redeem Your AT&T Rewards Card

  • Your rewards card system stinks, it doesn’t let you get to anything to sign up
    for your rewards card.

  • I switched my service to ATT over 60 days ago.I was lured partially due to them offering a $200.00 Visa card.. I specifically inquired if there was anything I needed to do and their Home Rep assured me “no.. it will automatically be sent to me in 6 weeks.After waiting that long and not receiving it I called and spoke to the Home Rep and was advised it was being mailed out on 4-11.. That came and passed and I called again and sat for 40 minutes on hold so hung up… Today I finally got through and was advised It now is to late as the offer expired on 4-10… they first advised an email was sent to me.. but then realized they don’t have my email address… They then said Oh we must have sent you a letter..I am extremely upset about this bait & switch and misinformton I was given…

  • Such a farse…I was told when I added new service at our mountain location I would receive a $100 Visa card. I can’t log into anything to get it. Why can’t you just mail the thing to me at my mailing address!!?? This, to me, is another form of false advertising.

  • None of these links gets me anywhere, and I am on hold on telephone for half hour and counting. If there’s actually no way to redeem this reward, why offer it? Don’t we have enough deception in this world?!!!

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