36 comments on “Enter AT&T Reward Center To Claim Reward Card and Cash Back

  • i would like to use my rewards card from AT AND T HOW DO I REDEAM THIS NUMBER HAS BEEN PROVIDED

  • Was supposed to get my reward card in 2 weeks and Still haven’t gotten it yet!! What is the deal?

  • I need to get my reward card. Couldn’t get to go thru on my computer. It appears that others have had the same problem. Contact me @ 225-933-6653

  • It is so sad that ATT PROMISED A REWARDS CARD AND I NEVER GOT THE LETTER THAT HAS THE CLAIM NUMBER ON IT. Not a chance in this lifetime will I ever refer anyone to subscribe to ATT. just cancelled and went back to my previous provider. God bless you if you stay with this service and hope for empty promises!

  • AT&T never did send the $100 they promised me for purchasing Direct TV. If I don’t get it pretty soon then they have cancelled the contract for not fullfillling their promise.

  • This has been the most bizzare experience trying to claim rewards. going around in circles and still haven’t managed to register, so far not at all happy with att……should have known better from experience 20 yrs ago.

  • I have had my services since Dec, 2016. and yet to see the 200.00gift card and I have yet to see any money I will cancelled the whole thing and go back to another provider.. Very sad and disappointed. Sandra G.

    • According to your “claim it” paper, I just have to go on att.com/reward center, enter my claim number and click the orange “go” button. Nowhere can I find anything asking for the number and there is no “go” button. What kind of scam is this? I thought AT&T was a reputable company. Guess I was wrong.
      I WILL report this.

  • I am not able to retrieve my rewards card very upset about that. I understood that the card will be coming in the mail. Very disappointed.

  • This reward card is a big joke. Unfortunately the consumer is paying. They make it sound like you have to do nothing to get it. It will be mailed to you. WRONG!!!! I’ve just been on the phone15 minutes. I used to work for them this used to be unacceptable. I guess things have changed.

  • Circles, went to att.com/rewardcenter,no place to enter my code number!!! Just want to get the $25 visa reward card!!!!

  • Vicky Austin
    June 2017

    I have been having the same problem They promised the $125 gift certificate but never followed through.

  • I was promised a 100 dollar reward card and I was told that it is only 50, now if you all are having trouble getting to claim it, I’m sure I will too. kirk schlosser

  • I have been directed to everything but the correct site to claim my AT&T reward card. Is there an actual number I can call? thank you janet ramsey 704 460 5499

  • Sorry not good on computer. At&t said they would send me a reward credit card. Never ever received one. but got a paper telling me to claim this reward online I would call at&t but can’t spend over two hours on the phone with them . Always get the robot that does not understand human contact. Not happy with AT&T at all.

  • investigating why I haven’t received my $100 rebate, automated system stated rebate was mailed Jan. 29, 2018, wont let me speak to a representative. A live person at another number stated my rebate has already been claimed and referred me to this website, no help either. I signed up in good faith, AT&T is letting me and others down, my guess is they have lost quality customer service, don’t really care. Lesson learned!

  • Same here, I’m going to go ahead a file fraud. Never do autopay, that will mess your Bank account up. I filed fraud because they took out a payment when it wasn’t scheduled, so then they offered me a $100 reward card. That was Jan 21, 2018. I have been sent everywhere on the phone to speak to the “RIGHT” person. The 3rd person told me that someone noted on my account that it was over 120 days so it was not any good. OK now I added up those days and it’s only been 61 days. Where I live they only offer ATTnT. Now I’m going to call my bank back and file charges and it will be a lot more than the original amount plus contacted the Corperate office from my apartment complex. I hate ATnT, they just give you to the next person, waiting to speak to the 4th person while typing this, been on hold for almost 2 hours and have gotten NO WHERE…….

  • I’m trying to sign up to get my hundred dollar rewards card for referring a friend but it’s not letting me

  • Hi, I was promised a 400$ reward card. I have that in writing from them. A representative of theirs sent me a text (official AT&T text) saying I will get the card for $400 once direct tv is installed— I demanded that he send it to me in writing, because they have already promised and lied in the past. He did. Still they won’t send me the card, say they have no note of the conversation ever taking place… They don’t care that I have it in official writing from them. Apparently the salesmen say and promise whatever the hell they want— a company policy. The hold to speak with their rewards department is over 40 min cause everyone is getting empty promises. It is inconceivable that a big and respectable company will continue in downright cheating people. Everyone should gather and file a suit against them then they’d care.

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