Top Dinosaur Themed Games

Thinking out loud isn’t it hard to imagine that Dinosaurs occupied the same planet as human beings? These big things are quite fascinating, and that is why movies like Jurassic world have been produced. However, dinosaurs seem to have also taken over the game industry. If you are looking for the perfect gaming console dino… Read More

Are you in search of more resources and larger villages to make room within Clash of Clans? Here we have some amazing tricks that will allow you to unlock the extra features by passing on a private DNS server. Follow the step by step guidelines below to access these features. If you have an iPhone/iPad jailbreak: Download and open… Read More

You share the same tablet with your family and several members play Clash of Clans? No problem: you can open different accounts, and not have to share the same parties, by following the steps given below. First, open Clash of Clans and connect your account to Google Play (the account with which you registered). Otherwise, you may… Read More